DOG on Demand – Access

DOG on Demand is the DOG online portal that is used to archive the scientific contributions and provides the opportunity to retrieve and listen to missed lectures or presentations. The offer will include the slides and audio recording of the speaker if he/she previously agreed to publication. Following the congress, use is free of charge for DOG 2016 participants. The information on how to access the portal was already sent to you by email. If you no longer have this information, please contact via email.

The online portal “DOG on Demand” is available now at the following link: DOG on Demand
You received your activation code with your congress documents or by email.

There are two ways to access to the portal:

If you have not previously accessed the portal and need to register: click on “Register”:
1. Enter the required information
2. After registration, you are logged in
3. Click on “Browse” to get to the selection of the lectures
4. As soon as you select a lecture, you are asked to enter the activation code
5. The activation code has been approved

If you already have access from past years, click “Login”:
1. Log in with your access data
2. You are asked to enter the activation code named above
3. The activation code has been approved
We hope you enjoy browsing!