Opening Ceremony and Get DOG-together

Thursday, 29.9.2016, 18:00
von Graefe Saal
Opening Ceremony:
Ophthalmology – an all-embracing discipline

After the welcoming address, a ceremony will be held to present the honorary membership. This will be followed by the president’s speech and the guest lecture by Dr. Roland Batz on Caritas & economics – balancing charity and profitability with ­reference to the health care system.

Caritas & Economics – Balancing charity and profitability with reference to the health care system
Dr. Roland Batz is a Catholic priest and director of the Caritas Association for the Diocese of Regensburg. Regensburg Caritas has over 20,000 employees and around 930 facilities, making it one of the largest providers of social services in Eastern Bavaria. Its areas of activity encompass medical and care services as well as psychosocial and material support. Since it was founded some 100 years ago, the Caritas in Regensburg has consistently remained true to its original mission: to look after the sick, the disabled and those facing difficult circumstances and to provide them with professional assistance. Over the years, however, there have been changes to the financial and legal framework and to the way in which the Caritas carries out its tasks. Against this backdrop, Dr. Batz will examine the challenge of balancing charity and economics. It is essential to ensure that in particular the health care system is not transformed merely to meet economic needs and that all people are granted the same human dignity, whatever their circumstances.
(in German language)

Thursday, 29.9.2016, 19:30 – 22:00
Foyer Estrel Saal
DOG-Get Together

Following the opening ceremony, the traditional Get Together will take place at the Estrel.
We cordially invite all registered participants, their companions, all presenters and all industrial representatives to conclude the opening ceremony at a casual Get Together with snacks and beverages.