Aurel-von-Szily Lecture 2016

During its annual symposium, the DOG-Section Uveitis awards the Aurel-von-Szily Medal in memory of the renowned eye specialist and scientist, Aurel von Szily. The prizewinner sub­sequently holds the Aurel-von-Szily Lecture.

Saal 2 10:00 - 11:15 01.10.2016
Symposium Sa11
Uveitis - aktuelle translationale interdisziplinäre Perspektive – Symposium der Sektion DOG-Uveitis

Aurel von Szily Lecture 2016:
Acute anterior uveitis – immunopathogenesis of a common uveitis entity
Referent/in: Denis Wakefield (New South Wales)

This year’s Aurel-von-Szily Lecture of the DOG-Uveitis section, taking place during DOG 2016, will be given by Professor Denis Wakefield from the Faculty of Medicine, Lowy Cancer Research Centre of the University of New South Wales in Australia.

During his long career in clinical practice and academia, Wakefield, an internist and pathologist, has concentrated on researching several inflammatory eye diseases, including in connection with generalized inflammatory diseases. He has achieved international recognition in particular for his esteemed work on the immunopathogenesis of acute anterior uveitis. His research on the role of the innate immune system, genetic associations with immunological processes and exogenous factors has provided important new insights to help understand the pathogenesis of HLA-B27-associated diseases such as acute anterior uveitis.

Professor Wakefield will be awarded the Aurel-von-Szily Medal for his commendable research efforts. In his lecture titled “Acute anterior uveitis – immunopathogenesis of a common uveitis entity”, he reports on his research on acute anterior uveitis, which is the most common progressive form of intraocular inflammations and in the long-term frequently results in severe ocular complications and loss of vision, accompanied by recurrent painful relapses.

The lecture will take place in the framework of the symposium titled “Uveitis – Current Translational Interdisciplinary Perspective” hosted by the DOG-Uveitis section.