DOG 2017 – German Ophthalmology international

Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

I would like to warmly invite you to the DOG 2017, the 115th Congress of the DOG in Berlin, which will again take place at the Estrel from September 28 to October 1, 2017.

In recent years, every conference of the DOG was presented with a guiding topic at each respective event, thus to give the DOG a new impulse. I am pleased to have found a suitable topic “German Ophthalmology International”, which should cast the scientific and clinical gaze outwards, looking beyond the borders of Germany. The DOG – founded in September 1857 – the world’s oldest ophthalmological society, has always had an early influence on the international development of our field, and does so to this day! One need only think of development of the ophthalmoscope, photocoagulation, capsulorhexis or more recently, retina implants – inventions from Germany, that have changed and brought ophthalmology further, worldwide.

Research and researchers from Germany are held in extremely high regard throughout the world. National funding from abroad and scholarships, especially for young researchers, and international symposia involving experienced clinicians and scientists should ensure the way to sustainable innovations in our profession. Close collaboration in science, education and health care, different perspectives in the field, and a fruitful exchange of experience at an international level, have become invaluable, especially in the age of globalization.

The Albrecht-von-Graefe-Lecture, and with that, the first Keynote Lecture of the Congress, will shed light on German Ophthalmology from 1850 until today, as reflected by international history, and bring this national topic to an international context. To further highlight the international gearing of our society, I was able to attract two top ophthalmologists from America and Asia, which are to hold the two other keynote lectures, to concrete the ophthalmological clinic and science topics.

A particular focus of the DOG Congress 2017, will be on international aspects. Drawing the attention of participants attending our scientific sessions – symposia, lectures, midday poster sessions with eye-catching formats, and diverse courses – to topics and/or issues where the importance of an international context can be fully appreciated. Also we would like to especially encourage the young colleagues to “think outside the box” with hopefully, many interesting contributions and suggestions in participating at the DOG Congress 2017.

An important part of the Congress will again be a large accompanying industrial exhibition of traditional companies from home and abroad to showcase their products that support eye specialists in the treatment of their patients and to promote innovative research with the latest information and news.

I am delighted and privileged to welcome you to an interesting, exciting and innovative Congress 2017 and count on your support in autumn of 2017 in Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohnen
President of the DOG