Corporate Sessions 1.10.2016

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Corporate Symposia and Workshops

Saal 4 12:30 - 13:30 01.10.2016
Firmenveranstaltung IVSa05
Company Symposium Dompé: "Corneal Nerves - The Forgotten Factor in Health and Disease"
Vorsitzende/r: Elisabeth M. Messmer (München)

Referent/in: Harminder Dua (Nottingham)
Referent/in: Elisabeth M. Messmer (München)
Referent/in: Gerd Geerling (Düsseldorf)

Identical to last year, companies will have the opportunity to scan delegate name badges. The following information will be made available: last name, first name, email, city, country, clinic.
We would like to point out that this is entirely voluntary and not compulsory for the participation in corporate events. Delegates can refuse to be scanned at any time.

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